Paypal blackjack casinos

Paypal Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack is one of my favorite casino games. My favorite is poker, which requires skill to be profitable. That’s why I’m drawn to blackjack; with a little bit of practice you can beat the casino to the point to where the casino is almost breaking even.

However, that’s not possible online. The software is designed in such a way that counting cards is not possible, and all casinos prohibit card counting on their live dealer games.

But if you can get past that, and just enjoy blackjack for the game it is, online is the place to be. You can play multiple hands simultaneously, play other games (like poker or craps) at the same time, and if you ever get bored, many of our recommend casinos also offer a large library of casino, poker and sportsbetting games.

Sound good? Learn more about playing blackjack online below.

Can You Play Live Dealer Games?

There are live dealer games, yes.

Live dealer games are just how they sound; instead of the cards being dealt by software, they’re dealt by real people like a brick and mortar blackjack game. Some dealers will even chat with you while you play.

There are downsides to live dealer blackjack, though. For one thing, you cannot play for fake money. The casino has limited seating, and they need to fill those seats with real players (since they need to pay real dealers).

There are fewer blackjack variations, too.

Card counting is also a possibility, but like a real casino it can get you kicked off the game, if not off the site altogether. So we don’t recommend doing it.

But aside from those few things, live dealer blackjack is worth checking out. You can play higher stakes, and operators are starting to add live dealer games for mobile devices. So be on the lookout for that.

What Promotions Are There For Blackjack Players? How do they work?

The same promotions offered to slots, craps, video poker, etc. players, are also available to blackjack players. That includes deposit bonuses, VIP rewards and tournaments.

However, promotions are different for blackjack players.

Take deposit bonuses, for example. Casinos want all players to earn their bonuses by playing hands and earning points.

But the house edge for blackjack is low. Not only does this mean they make less money per dollar spent, but that the variance can drastically swing in favor of the player. So the casino risks losing lots of money between the game and promotions.

So online casinos will do one of two things:

First, they won’t offer promotions like deposit or reload bonuses.

Second, they will handicap the terms. For a standard bonus they will ask the player to wager 40x their deposit plus bonus, for example. If you deposit $500, that means you would need to wager $40,000 to clear the promotion.

But for blackjack players, the casino will handicap every dollar spent by 10-90 percent. That means blackjack players will need to wager that much more to earn their bonus money. And the terms need to be met before you can withdrawal your money, or else you risk voiding your bonus and winnings.

It’s recommend that you read our reviews to know fully what to expect when you take advantage of a casino’s promotions.

What Types of Blackjack Variations Can You Play?

There are more than 20 variations of blackjack. Most of them are available online too, although you won’t find one casino that offers them all. The best casinos are from Microgaming; they offer between 10-15 variations.

Here is a shortlist of variations you’ll find online.


There is live dealer blackjack, too.

You won’t find this selection offline, in any one casino. I can guarantee you that.

Can You Play Blackjack On The Go?

Absolutely. More and more casino operators are developing native apps for their casino games. This opens the doors to playing blackjack, slots, video poker, and more, all from your phone or tablet.

Right now, native apps are available for iOS and Android devices. They’re free, and can be downloaded from the casino or app store.

And unlike poker, there are apps for Windows and Blackberry users, too. There are non-native solutions, as well, where you can play from your browser.

The best thing about being a mobile blackjack player is that you get variety. Online casinos can offer as many as 20 blackjack variations. Mobile users won’t have that much variety, but you will be able to choose from a handful of options, even live dealer blackjack.

How Do You Rate Blackjack Sites?

We rate blackjack sites differently from other sites. Other sites like to focus on superficial things, such as deposit bonuses and VIP packages.

Those things are important to us too, however, we feel that it is our responsibility to recommend only the safest and highest quality blackjack sites and casinos. So here is what we look for:

These are the most important factors, because if a casino isn’t safe or worth playing at, then the other things like deposit bonuses and fancy software doesn’t matter.

From here we check promotions, namely to see if the casino allows blackjack players to clear the bonus, and at what handicap (if any). We prefer sites that treat blackjack players as close to equals as possible.

The bottom line is that we try to find sites that we’d play at ourselves. We won’t recommend sites that fail to meet our standards. You have our word.